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About Us

 Cisco Coppage LLC Owner

Veronica Cisco


Cisco Coppage LLC is a small woman owned business focused on providing a full spectrum of professional services to Government agencies and commercial customers worldwide.


Cisco Coppage LLC has a massive background in Army supply. The owner of the company worked as a 92Y (MOS) in the 82nd ABN DIV for many years. She worked as a contractor for the Property Accountability Augmentation Team providing logistical assistance to various brigades throughout the U.S. Army at the unit level and S4 level. She also worked exclusively with the National Guard/Reserve soldiers in support of the LOGDAT contract which provided user training, functional troubleshooting, data cleansing, and resolutions to problems in the system. She has over three years of experience teaching GCSS Army to Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve soldiers under the fielding and sustainment contracts of the system. She taught GCSS Army S4, PBO, and unit level supply at the Fort Bragg Troop School. The owner of the company earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from ECPI University in 2014.

Cisco Coppage LLC has extensive knowledge and experience in Army logistics processes, delivering formal military training, and teaching in a classroom environment. We offer simple solutions to all the comments and concerns about how difficult learning the system can be transitioning from PBUSE to GCSS Army.

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